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All about loan consolidation

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    What is the consolidation of loan (or pooling of loans)? Also called loan consolidation, the repurchase of loan consists of repurchasing one or more loans in progress, contracted from one or more lending institutions, in order to benefit from better repayment terms. By obtaining a single loan, you then pay only one monthly […]

Cross-collateral loan: how does it work?

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Imagine a scenario where you are ready to sell your car that you now own, freely and clearly, only to be heard by your lender that you cannot sell it until you have repaid another non-guaranteed loan with the same lender. In essence, you are told by the lender that you are not paying for […]

Mortgage Loans with Variable Rate

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When taking out a variable rate mortgage loan or borrowing a loan, it is important to consider some important factors and decide what you want. It should also be noted that there are only short terms, no more than twelve months. If you want to make partial repayments or full repayments and the interest rate […]

How to set up a loan agreement

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The Civil Code regulates in paragraphs 488 and following the legal basis for a loan agreement and its contents. Such a contract is concluded when the lender undertakes to make available to the lender a sum of money of a certain amount. Contracts involving a private loan must be in writing. The written form is […]

How to calculate financial costs on a new car loan

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There are many people who want to buy a new car, but probably don’t know if the car is within their capabilities. Before you act impulsively or be tempted, consider all the financial information. Although the suggestion of monthly payments is a good option to start your analysis, you should also consider the financial cost […]