Abu Dhabi makes every effort to promote sustainable practices of industrial entities

The campaign will run until December 2022. Its goals include educating industrial facilities and raising environmental awareness regarding the importance of keeping Abu Dhabi clean. It also aims to engage employees in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, such as citizen science cleanups of neighboring areas and citizen science research on the volume of single-use plastics consumed.

To develop successful campaigns, participating facilities should conduct internal awareness sessions for all employees – including supervisors, contractors, safety teams and broader support staff like truck drivers – on how to reduce the impact of litter and protect the shared environment. Disseminating internal awareness materials such as facts, infographic videos and more will support awareness.

EAD will later recognize the participants via their social networks and at an appreciation ceremony.

“As the emirate’s main environmental regulator, our main concern, in line with the government’s vision, is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all. To this end, we have developed the “Clean Your Perimeter” campaign, which will encourage establishments to motivate their team of employees to participate by conducting their own “citizen science” cleanups… At the same time, it is the opportunity for all facilities to also contribute to “citizen science” by supporting EAD in researching the volumes of single-use plastics and other types of waste that enter the environment throughout the year” said Ahmed Baharoon, executive director of environmental information, science and outreach management at EAD.

“We want to encourage the concept of impactful cleanups, which means they shouldn’t just be a one-time activity, but rather a way of life. We also believe that cleanups can have more impact through data collection , education, awareness and inducing behavior change in the community. We are all responsible for keeping our environment clean and we must always include it in our community projects,” he said. added.

“At Abu Dhabi Ports Group, we are proud to be part of the Clean Your Perimeter campaign, an important initiative that aims to raise awareness and engage sustainable waste management practices within our communities. The program will reinforce the importance of cooperation between all stakeholders, who will work together throughout its duration to reduce waste in their premises. This collaboration with a leading institution such as EAD falls within the guidelines of wise management to maintain long-term positive impacts on the environment and build a legacy for future generations, which is the cornerstone of AD Ports Group’s ongoing sustainability strategy. said Othman Al Khouri, Executive Director of Business Authority at Abu Dhbi Ports Group.

Last year, EAD organized nine public cleanups and collected more than three tons of waste, measured by weighing the waste collected during the activity.

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